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Liviu Varcol - CD 2  
Liviu Varcol - Magdalena Bisler Alternativtext für das Link- Bild
Enjoy this beautiful CD for oboe and organ with rarely performed masterpieces. This CD was inspired to be a dedication "in memoriam" Horst Bisler, our best friend who passed away. Therefore the music is very solemn and moving.
Great music, brilliant and sincere artists, in this unique constellation only available on this webpage.

Music performed in "Concert for Oboe and Organ":

Joseph Rheinberger - Rhapsody after the Andante of the Organ-Sonata op. 127 F-Minor

Allesandro Besozzi: Sonata C-Major
Andante - Allegro - Larghetto - Allegretto

Joseph Rheinberger - Andante

Johann sebastian Bach - Sonata E-flat Major
Allegro moderato - Siciliana - Allegro

Friedrich Wilhelm Rust - Sonata
Allegro - Andantino grazioso - Menuett 1+2

The artists (left to right): Magdalena Bisler, Liviu Varcol
The artists (left to right): Magdalena Bisler (organist), Liviu Varcol (solo-oboe)